niedziela, 28 stycznia 2018

Migratory Birds
Almanac No. 1
of the Polish Haiku Association 

Among great pieces 3 haiku of mine are included inside

spring gust 
the dress of the bride 
bellies out

(originally published in cattails, January 2014)

restless reeds 
a swan at the shore 
shuns my shadow

(originally published in Frogpond, April 2014)

boundless fog 
from the other shore returns 
only the carrier

(originally published in The Mainichi, 27 May 2015)

czwartek, 21 grudnia 2017

wtorek, 21 listopada 2017

Haiku Evening behind us. 

The atmosphere and true interest in this three-verse Japanese poetry accompanied us during the whole meeting. 
We received the power of thanks and compliments. 
In the photo Robert Kania and Irena Iris Szewczyk. 
Rafał Dziorek fixed us. Thanks.

środa, 8 listopada 2017

Structure of Three Cities 
is the title of my photography exhibit, 
in which I show clippings of Paris, Warsaw, Budapest.  

poniedziałek, 6 listopada 2017

Haiku Evening 

hand in hand with Robert Kania
we have the honor to invite you

czwartek, 2 listopada 2017

in every drop

w każdej kropli

a train
waiting to leave this depot
counting drops


niedziela, 27 sierpnia 2017

setting sun
over the old river bed

zachód słońca
nad starorzeczem

time's still
brews tomorrow's memory
scent of wine